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Sabbatical What?

It's a new chapter - retirement and consulting to help others - hooray!!

One of the challenges to starting your own firm is what to name it; for me, the name came to me early in the process: Sabbatical Solutions.

Mostly, the name is in honor of my hubby; he has pursued his passion of home brewing during his own sabbatical from the corporate world, naming it Sabbatical Brewing. Many fun times and fond memories surround his home-brewing hobby, something our older boys have in their "coming home" memory box for college and now, as successful grads living far from home. And so, Sabbatical Solutions became the name.

But how to help others make sense of an emotional decision on my part - how to tie it into the business/ brand I'd like to present. In the traditional definition, the power of the sabbatical is not about the time off; it's about the refresh of perspective, the opportunity to learn/ have new experiences, and then apply the new learning and perspective back in the original academic or business environment. In the world of business or personal transformation, the concept of stepping back to gain perspective, learning and applying new perspective or experiences, and setting a plan to apply for improvement - that is a process I can define, support, and facilitate - it's what I've been doing for the past 20+ years in various roles, the common thread to my career path.

So there it is. Sabbatical Solutions. We help you Reflect, Reframe, and Chart your New Course. Just like you're on a strategy sabbatical, with a trusted partner.

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