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"We were looking for a consultant that could lead us through a robust process to vet strategic ideas and
establish key initiatives for organizational growth.

We found that in Sabbatical Solutions. Alison Spoonmore did an outstanding job of engaging our Board
and leading us through a succinct vetting process. She provided objective, yet constructive advice,
challenging ideas and aligning initiatives with necessary resources. We are extremely pleased with the
process and resulting key initiatives. I highly recommend Sabbatical Solutions."

Cathy McNulty, Executive Director - Strategic Indiana Provider Network, Inc

 "I believe the board members walked away feeling that we are in a better place. You did an excellent job facilitating, especially keeping us on track. I’ve been through six sigma quite a few times and yet I have never internalized it and used it myself. I won’t soon forget the process yesterday."

  Randy Hall, CEO - Cardinal Services, Inc of Indiana  

"Alison facilitated a strategic planning process with Noble’s Leadership Team and Board Planning Committee in 2018.  While she had not worked with the disability provider community prior to our introduction, she was a quick study and well versed in important issues to us at the time of our first meeting.  She related quickly to the differing personalities in the groups and made adjustments along the way to assure that everyone’s voice was heard and key issues identified.  She skillfully tailored questions and dialog to guide the planning process, and coached the team to identify new approaches and solutions to complex problems.  Alison’s focused approach kept the team on task and resulted in a strategic plan with measurable goals, timelines and accountability measures."

Julia Huffman, President & CEO - Noble

I had the pleasure of working with Alison throughout my 28 year career at Eli Lilly in a variety of roles.  During that time, she proved to be a trusted mentor and helped me achieve my career goals. Alison is very skilled at helping people become self aware of their strengths and weaknesses, learn how to leverage strengths while developing weak areas, and matching personal interests with business needs.  In addition, Alison is highly skilled at leading organizations through the same exercise of identifying strengths and weaknesses, and developing comprehensive plans to drive the organization forward.

On a recent project, I had to develop an organization change management plan for a complex global project.  I do not personally have expertise in OCM, so I turned to Alison to facilitate the team in developing the plan.  As a Master Black Belt, Alison led us through the Six Sigma process for developing an OCM plan for the project in a 3-day workshop.  The team was pleased with the process, and the resulting OCM plan.  The plan was ultimately approved by senior management.

  Mary Kay Garcia, Owner-MKG Renovations Inc

"Alison combines the science of personal effectiveness with mastery of  leadership development, enabling me to realize my potential."

Aaron Goedde, Director - Eli Lilly and Co

"Based on my previous experience with Allison Spoonmore I would highly recommend Sabbatical Solutions for any person or organization seeking valuable perspective to progress their business.   I have benefited from Allison's perspectives in the corporate, non-profit and individual coaching environment.  In every arena, the business and cultural situation has improved after Allison's engagement.   You won't regret working with Sabbatical Solutions!"

Arvie Anderson, Assistant General Patent Counsel - Eli Lilly and Co

"When we worked together you shed light upon the what, how and why of the career discernment process. You helped me understand what I was good at and where my strengths lie, how I could narrow my search and improve things such as my resume, as well as why I am taking the time to reflect on my career path and what that means for my future. This knowledge base along with your support brought back confidence that I had lost after being in the job market for over two years."

Caitlin Flanagan, Program Analyst - Citi Ventures

"I am excited about this [newly landed] opportunity and so appreciate all of your support in getting me to this point. Your guidance, coaching, and connections were invaluable in helping me to determine the direction of my search and to eventually find this role."

Casey Smitson, Consultant - 16 Tech Community Corp

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