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Change is inevitable.


Sometimes you need a new perspective to refine your strategy and how to get there. 

Change is a journey.
We are your guide.

Does this sound familiar?


You're not alone - most initiatives fail. It's frustrating! 

Your idea may be great, but the execution needs work. With our proven processes, we can help you map the path to success!

Our Services


Business Transformation

We specialize in strategy development, change leadership planning and coaching, and the overall roadmap for successful implementation.


Process Improvement

We provide comprehensive services for process improvement, ranging from individual projects to a full Lean Six Sigma deployment.

Chocolate Cake

Career Coaching

Our proprietary Chocolate Cake method helps you determine the best attributes to pursue in your current job and future positions.

About Us

Sabbatical Solutions brings together collaborative executive leaders with proven ability to develop and deliver business transformation.


Alison Spoonmore, President, leverages her rich background in operational leadership, lean six sigma process improvement, and accomplished people development to champion change leadership for strategic success.

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