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Career Coaching

Personal transformation is an opportunity we face each day, looking for the next opportunity and/or making the most of today's challenges.  Using our proprietary Chocolate Cake Grid method, we can help you define your transformation journey, focusing on how you might leverage your strengths, identify growth areas, and define the attributes for your best career engagements.  Change is personal, and we can help you chart your course!

Fudge Brownies
Chocolate Desserts
Chocolate Cake Method


o   Layer 1:  Chocolate Cake Assessment

o   Layer 2:  Career Search Support

o   Layer 3:  Interview Prep and Practice

o   Frosting:  Career Mentoring



Team Coaching


o   Reflect: Team View of Chocolate Cake grids

o   Reframe:  Leveraging strengths & growth

o   Charting the Course: Coaching for Supervisors

o   Caring Leadership Program

Success Stories


o   Jenny:  What is my next career move?

o   Rachel Is this opportunity right for me?

o   Mary Kay What do I want to do?

o   Jack:  How do I leverage my strengths?

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