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Chart a New Course

In the world of change and the management of it, the idea of the change is just the beginning, the starting block. A well formulated shift, articulated by From --> To is the first key to unlocking the potential of an organization or an individual. Perhaps framed as Goals, Objectives, or outright Wins, the From-->To establishes the what to be accomplished and why, but not the how.

In Reframing, we can explore possible means by which to accomplish the change, leveraging other examples - some out of context - to consider the approaches to share the why and the how; to ensure success, we need to establish a CLEAR change agenda, a plan that can be executed for both communication of the change and realization of the new behaviors, processes, measures, and then goals - establishing a new way to get work done.

I'll say it again: we must Chart a New Course with a CLEAR change agenda; this agenda has 5 elements, scaled to the size and scope of the change necessary:

C = Contrast

Changing From--> To, the Why, and the definition of success must be articulated in terms that can be understood and repeated readily

L = Leadership

Specific identification and engagement of Leaders, both formal in the organization and informal leaders in the technical, client, and adjacent communities

E = Experiences

Experiences drive an individual's Beliefs - and Actions are derived from Beliefs, with Results of course the outcome of Actions. As we orchestrate Experiences aligned with the "new way," we reinforce the new way as the expectation - and that it is worth the effort to change.

A = Access

Access to the new process, technology, way of thinking to make it easier to switch, is an essential reinforcing experience. Even when Amazon was brand new, it was really easy to buy something - this is Access

R = Reinforcement

Reinforcement (or Reward) is the celebration of achievements, again recognizing and valuing the result of the change. Once we've defined the goal (in Contrast), we should be able to define measures of success; celebrating the small wins along the journey encourages individuals to stick with the change for longer term impact

That's the theory. Let's look at the method as applied to my 2019 business goals:


  • Finish my Book

  • Grow Network with Purpose

  • Grow the Business


  • Book is a Priority (it was NOT last year)

  • Networking has Purpose

  • Business $$ increase


  • ME - primarily! (this is unusual for the model)

  • my informal Advisors, and additional Mentors to help me


  • Engaging in local Women's Network - a positive experience, very supportive and engaging;

  • Every interview for my book is an experience;

  • Reading a business novel to confirm my approach;


  • Carrying my new bag to help me think "globally" beyond Indiana;

  • Calendaring writing time as a real event


  • Celebrating milestones, such as a chapter completed;

  • New connections in my network; and, of course,

  • Financial measures

The method applies, albeit a small scale application. I've leveraged the methodology for large scale transformation, and tested the model on a range of mid-sized strategic change examples; it applies at any scale, any organization, and even for individuals. Contact me to learn more!!!

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