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Reflection: 1 Year in Review

I've been stripping wallpaper this week; it's the winter home project, refreshing the front guest room, finally removing the mural of a Caribbean Beach chosen by our youngest many years ago. And when one is working with a steamer and putty knife for many hours, one must listen to country music - a recipe for Reflection!

1 year into retirement and in building my consulting business, reflection has been challenging. It's easy to take stock of the successes - completing complex projects in businesses wherein I have limited experience (not-for-profit, for example), and actually getting paid for it; in addition, navigating a substantial home renovation and rapid sale for my sister, celebrating the marriage of our middle son to a wonderful woman this December. It's been a busy year, with moments of great satisfaction and purpose delivered - much of which I could not have accomplished had I still been working a full-time corporate job.

But when your accountant calls and questions if the revenue merits a real business, and most of my engagements are pro-bono (my choice, and the right thing to do), it's tough to claim the year a success!

In reflection, what are the goals for 2019? And what will I do differently in order to accomplish more? What can I do to make the situation better, and what is the definition of "better"?

Great questions - and remarkably positive questions, given my recent immersion into country music (ha ha); applying my own framework (Reflect/ Reframe/ Chart New Course), here are my thoughts:

Reflect: what do I want to accomplish?

Goals, Long Term:

  • "Expertise in Demand" - realize a reputation as a Cultural Architect and Strategic Transformation resource for business leaders

  • Certify others in execution of the CLEAR methodology

  • Revenue covers college education of my youngest son (elite private school, of course)

Goals, 2019

  • Complete CLEAR novel/ methodology book, with collection of case studies and business novel (fictional story) to demonstrate the methodology. Publish and sell copies beyond friends and family.

  • Complete >$50K revenue through projects with businesses and individuals

  • Establish presence in local networks and 2 on-line communities

  • Stretch: complete 1-2 projects outside of Indiana

Reframe: What's the Contrast (what's different)?

  • Writing/ Book is part of formal goals and work, not a "spare-time" activity

  • Networking and Community participation is a point of emphasis; everyday engagement with LinkedIn is more focused, less "social perusal"

  • Networking for purpose, communicating expertise and value

Leadership - who is influential, formally and informally

  • Formal leadership is myself; engage a board of advisors to help me think through strategy and approach

  • Informal leadership: those who can help me accomplish Goals via expertise sharing [Editorial support, Speaker broker, Community/ Networking mentor]

  • Informal leadership: targeted potential clients, at senior leadership level

Next Assignment is Chart the New Course: establish key experiences, access, and reinforcing measures

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